Pizzo in April

Pizzo in April. Here we go again. I need to pack light. I mean really light. We cannot reach our house by car. The streets around are STILL not done yet.

As reported before, the old historic center of Pizzo is under renovation. They started in November 2012 (!), I blogged about it here. The downturn of (the often praised) slow life.

I guess, we need to carry our suitcases from the piazza down the alley. We might not even be able to pull the trolleys. In case it is raining, it will be messy and slippery ...

Aaaah, what a contrast to our comfortable big city life in Asia! ;-)
I don't think I am spoiled, but I wouldn't mind to skip this "adventure".

I will keep you posted. Let's hope it is not raining upon our arrival.

photo courtesy of Pino Pitt, our architect (January 2013)

photo courtesy of Alfonso Salutato, our electrician (March 2013)
Looking forward to check out my self. Will keep you posted. Until soon.
Tanti saluti!
Update April 7, 2013:
I just found another photo from Angelo, my father-in-law, in my mail box. It says, that they started the laying of the old stones last friday. And our alley looks like this:
Looks good!