A new pergola

We have a new pergola on our roof terrace. It does not only protect us from the sun but also from rain! Lovely to sit outside and listen to the rain drops falling on the sail fabric.

One more month of summer. And my little Cycas palm tree will grow.
And if you think the cycas palm was planted in a plastic pot - no way! It is an not easy to find real terra cotta pot. The weight? 30-40 kg! I got two of them, and a strong guest who carried them two floors up! Thank you! :-)

And if you wonder how we got such a nice pergola - just in case you wonder - yes, of course, it was Angelo, as always, who managed to fix all by himself, although the given measures of the ordered pergola (Unopiu) did not exactly suit our terrace. Here you see him at work:

He worked on the construction a couple of days. All we were able to do was to provide drinking water, clean up after him and worry about him climbing around on the balustrade. The longest work was the drilling with the wrong drill bit, but at the end it was all fixed and perfect! It even survived the first rain storms!

Beautiful! Thank you! Now the roof terrace comes to life, with shade and palm tree(s).

I was thinking it would be nice to have a ping pong table up here to play table tennis. But maybe the winds are too strong. Or a hammock... framed or not... let's see!