Living in an Italian Village - Pros and one con - Writing Contest

Pizzo in October 2013 - by B. Bauer

Probably I would not have taken part in an expat writing competition, if the guys from would not have pushed me a couple of times. Hey, I like writing, and it just takes a little idea and it why  not?

I am afraid the same thing happened like in my early days of school, where I had good moments in essay writing, but also sometimes just missed the point when a certain subject was given. The subject given by was to write a "Top list", like the "Top 10 hangout places for expats in Timbuktu", or the "Top 10 street food stalls in Bangkok"...

Neither was I keen on writing another what so ever guide on Bangkok, nor on Pizzo (condition was that you haven't published anything similar on your blog yet). And there are probably not even 10 hangout places in our Italian village, not to mention "top 10". So, my writing emerged into a different direction. More into why people choose living in an Italian village, how people discovered it, and what makes them stay.

2nd part of the competition is for readers to participate:
Please, dear readers, go over to and read my article "Living in an Italian Village by the Sea – Pros and one Con" and write a comment below my article (if you like it) over at that page (not on this blog), before 20th December! But please write at least 10 words (as they won't accept just a "great!" or "love it"). And then you might have to reconfirm your email by going into your email box (and check your spam file too). --- I feel it is a bit too much... so never mind, if you have no time to do it. However, if you like to join the game, then leave your 10 words long comment (or longer). It will increase my chance to not come in last, and it will increase the chance for all expat bloggers in Italy to win a "country price" (probably a nice badge for the blogroll).

Actually, I read all entries from Italy. Interesting to see other expats' view on the country. I had some laughs, and with some I couldn't agree more. For all 171 entries click here.

Grazie mille.

Wishing you all a festive season, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and all the best for a healthy and happy New Year 2014!

Snow in Sila, December 2013 - by E. Gardiner

photo source: our latest guests were so kind to share photos they took in and around Pizzo on facebook