Pizzo in April

"Questo mare e pieno di voci e questo cielo e pieno di visioni"

 - Pizzo Marina

We had a wonderful time in Pizzo this April. The first days, it was rainy and cold, and when the wind blows it feels even much colder. But after a few days the sun came out and spring was back. Without wind it then feels even warmer! We enjoyed lovely 20 degrees and up.

Everyday we saw people at the beach, even locals were sunbathing, and of course the usual crazy tourists from the Northern Europe who jump fearless in the beautiful clear turquoise but ice cold sea. Our son was one of them. With lots of aaah and iiihh screams he bravely swam at Pizzo Marina and even at La Seggiola, where the water was cleaner than ever without the usual little fishing boats around.

We enjoyed relaxing days in Pizzo, cleaning and ventilating the house, eating at la Nonna's house, trying the first


ice cream of the season, inviting friends for dinner, reading books, spending a great time with visitors from Germany, going on little excursions, opening the boating season, buying local olive oil, making new friends, and participating in the Holy Week's Easter Processions.

We also went fishing, but the kids realised that they don't want to kill any of the caught fishes. We had to liberate the poor creatures (to my content) or the children would not touch any cooked or grilled fish at dinner. :-)

rainy April days in Pizzo

harbour project is still on ice ...

Spring in Calabria with little yellow flowers and olive trees

brave kids swimming at la Seggiola and Pizzo Marina

a reading session in the warm sun - warmer than inside the house!

a morning walk to the


and stunning view of Pizzo from above

discovering a new great little restaurant in piazza: Il Cappero Rosso

best pizza in town at Il Cappero Rosso (photo: "Pizza Nera")


on Palm Sunday in piazza

most impressive the


procession on Holy Thursday night from Dome San Giorgio to Chiesa San Sebastiano in Pizzo, centro storico

bye bye Calabria - with window seats on the left we spotted Capri and Ischia and Ostia antica near Rome. On a clear day, the vulcanos Stromboli and Etna (Sicily) can be seen as well.

During our stay in Pizzo, I posted on

our Facebook page

some more photos and videos. Check it out if you like. - One more month and we will be back in town! A presto!