Hoaba Datschi - Bavarian Blueberry Cake

Hoaba Datschi (here with blueberries and raspberries)

The Hoaba Datschi is a Bavarian desert. You could translate it into German as "Heidelbeer-Auflauf" which doesn't sounds even half as original (urig), and don't think of it as a "Blueberry Casserole". Its' a Hoaba Datschi.

I was invited to a girls evening at my friends house. She planned on serving Bavarian food and asked me if I could bring a desert. So I googled "bayrische Suessspeisen" and decided on that yummy looking desert which I found via the blog Die Landfrau.

"Hoaba" is Bavarian and translates blueberries (which is Blaubeeren or Heidelbeeren in high German language). But what is a "Datschi"? It's a Southern German word, and stands for the cake (although there are many different recipes for a "Datschi", most famous is the "Zwetschgendatschi", a plum sheet cake). The original meaning might come from the verb "tatschen" (English = to touch) or "hineindatschen" as the fruits are pressed into the dough (in some recipes). In the "Hoaba Datschi" the fruits however sink into a very liquid dough, comparable to a pancake dough.

5 eggs (separated)
200 gr sugar
300 gr flour
350 ml milk
1 pinch of salt
some butter for the mold
500 gr blueberries

how to:
1) pre-heat the oven, add some butter into the mold(s)
2) beat the egg white until stiff
3) mix egg yolk, sugar, flour, salt and milk like a pancake mixture
4) gently fold in the stiff egg white
5) pour the liquid into mold(s) and top it with the blueberries
6) bake it in the oven at 180 degree for 20-25 minutes

You can use fresh or frozen berries, and you could add raspberries to the blueberries. For serving you could sprinkle a bit of icing sugar. It goes also nicely (when fresh from the oven or warmed up) with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

Blueberries added on top
- you can use excess dough to make muffins -

before baking - the berries before sinking

make the wooden stick test after 20 minutes in the oven

Hoaba Datschi with blueberries (Hoaba) and raspberries

to sprinkle with sugar or icing sugar (with or without whipped cream)