Day 1 in Pizzo


Although this year in April we only have one week school holiday to spend in Pizzo, we still came.

Since we initiated a new renovation project - that started slowly due to diverse issues - it was now the time to push it forward: spring. Pizzitani tell me it was one of the coldest winter - yes, there was snow even in Vibo Valentia - and lots of rain. Indeed, it is still chilly here! But I had refused to pack winter clothes in my suitcase. We were travelling to Southern Italy in spring, at least! But don't underestimate April in Calabria. (Sicily is more dry and warmer - yes it's further South too). So, we are wearing the 'onion look': layers of sweaters and jackets. But once the sun is out, it's lovely! However, we are here not for the dolce vita. There is work to do, lots of decision to make. And so we end up spending hours to choose sinks, toilets and tiles!