Day 5 Dinner with a Friend


During the day we double checked the position of bathroom fixtures and marked changes on the walls of the construction site. We talked to workers, and decided on the style of balcony railings. In the afternoon, we drove to Maida to check out a different sanitary company.

The road between Pizzo and Maida is quiet scenic and leads over hills of thousands of olive trees and little yellow spring flowers everywhere. I love it!

In the evening I met up with a dear local friend and it was lovely to see her and talk about so many things. No matter where you live, or where you move, home is where friends and family are around. I feel so grateful.

With my friend I went for a pizza at La Marina after a little walk. It was the first time I saw our new project from the marina. Stunning! (It's the orange house without windows in the middle of the photo).