Map of Italy with Calabria
Italy map with Calabria
La bella Calabria, is the most southern region of the Italian mainland, the tiptoe of the boot. The last stop before Sicily.

Between the Amalfi Coast, Basilicata and Sicily, you will come through Calabria. Calabria is surrounded by two seas, the the Tyrrhenian Sea (in the West) and the Ionian Sea (in the East).  It has 741 Km of coastline.

If you are driving from Amalfi to Sicily, or taking the train, after about two third of the journey, you will reach the beautiful Costa degli Dei, the Coast of Gods. In a distance you will see a picturesque little town on a cliff. This is Pizzo Calabro, or Pizzo di Calabria, or just PIZZO. Take a rest here and discover an old fisher village with some historic background. Pizzo is an ideal base to discover la bella Calabria in day trips. For exploring the hinterland of Calabria a car is recommended. The railway only goes along the Tyrrhenian coast line.

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