We spend time in spring and summer in our house in Italy. The rest of the year we live in Thailand. On this page, Life in Asia, I want to document some observations on life away from Italy.  


published so far:

What Italians and Thai have in common - Food

Spring Cleaning in May - why I give "Life in Asia" a try on Palazzo Pizzo

Beijing Notebook - my blog while living in Beijing, China (2005-2008)


coming next:  What Italians and Thais have in common - Family


Remark about the photo above (copyright 2013 Palazzo Pizzo):

The left half shows some branches of a purple Bougainvillea flower that is growing over a wall of a private garden in a sub-street of Sukhumvit Road in central Bangkok. I found Bougainvillea, which I like a lot, very symbolic for my new aim to combine my two blog subjects, Italy and Thailand, because this plant grows well in both tropical and mediterranean climate.