Places of Interest

The Doric column of Hera's sanctuary on Capo Lacinio, Crotone
The Doric column of Hera's sanctuary on Capo Lacinio, Crotone

We want your stay at Palazzo Pizzo Residence to be most enjoyable!

Whether you want to relax or explore Pizzo and near by places of interest in Calabria, we are happy to give you our personal advise. We have compiled a little guide book about Pizzo for our guest, but most of it you can read in my introduction Pizzo Guide - and here:

What to do in PIZZO

- read our introduction "Pizzo Guide"

- watch some videos about Pizzo and the area

- visit Castello Aragonese Murat

- visit some churches in Pizzo, we have 10!

- visit the most unusual church, Chiesa di Piedigrotta (take the Ape taxi or car)

- join a guided Pizzo walking tours with Anna from Dolce Vita di Pizzo (April, June-September) or just discover the alleys by yourself

- take a cooking class with Giovanna (upon appointment)

- improve your Italian, take language lessons with Carmen (depending on availability)

- boat trip, gozzo type, departure Vibo Marina to Piedigrotta Beach and back (depending on weather)

- visit some artists in their studio

- jog or power walk around the village and along the beaches

Where are the BEACHES

- Pizzo Marina (with several little beaches, but nearest from the residence within just 10 minutes walk is the beach below the castello; not serviced (bring our umbrella and beach towel), two sweet water showers and nearby bars and pizzerie).

- Pizzo Piedigrotta (to reach within 3 minutes by car or Ape Taxi, flat water, nice for little kids, can be combined with a visit of the Church Piedigrotta, a curiosity of Pizzo).

- Pizzo Marinella (by car, 8 min., for beach walkers, more tourists than locals)

- Vibo Marina, Proserpina (by car 8 min, serviced with sun chairs, umbrellas and music...)

- Vibo Marina, La Vela (by car 10 min, serviced, behind the harbour, deeper water, waves)

- Briatico, Punto Safo (by car, 15-20 min., waves, old ruin of the torre di Briatico)

- Sant' Irene (by car, 20-25 min, follow the sign 'Briatico' and then 'Sant' Irene')

- Paradiso del Sub, Zambrone (by car, 23-30 min, plus hiking, worth to see, park at train station)

- Tropea, (by car 35 min) below the city, crowded in summer but nice back drop

- Capo Vaticano, (by car 50 min) very crowded in summer, but worth to see

LOCAL MARKETS (see location and time)

Pizzo on Thursdays above via Nazionale
Vibo Marina on Mondays
Vibo Valentia on Saturdays


- Tropea

- Scilla : A day trip to Scilla

- Seminara : Read "A fish from Seminara"; see link for photos on our FB site

- Gerace

- Soverato

- Serra San Bruno

- Reggio Calabria (take the train)

- Stilo

- Rossano, Ciro, Le Castella

Eolie Islands (Lipari, Vulcano, Panarea, Stromboli):

There are day trips to the island of Stromboli via ferry from Vibo Marina (the port is 4km, 7 min drive from Pizzo) starting at 7.30am and back at around 8.00pm.

The first stop might be at Vulcano (or Panarea depending on the itinerary). After that you will land in Lipari, where you are free to explore the picturesque little town and have time for lunch. In the afternoon you will continue to the island of Stromboli. Here you can discover the village and the black vulcano beach.

There are also tours starting in Tropea. The transfer by boat is about 1h shorter as it is located closer to the island. On Thursdays there is a "Stromboli by night" tour.

You would need to spend the night on Stromboli if you want to hike the vulcano. Guided climbing tours usually start at 5pm and you are back around midnight at your accommodation in Stromboli. The ferry round trips to Stromboli can be interrupted for 1 or 2 nights (ask the operator when buying your ticket to reconfirm). Please note, the ferries run only when weather conditions allow. On clear days you can see Stromboli from our residence in Pizzo.


Sila National Park

Aspromonte National Park


when it's raining:

visit a museum, read a book

for historians and archaeologists:

museum in Vibo Valentia and Reggio Calabria

for artists and gallery lovers:

Pizzo attracts artists, find the studio of Antonio La Gamba (Papa Parking), Antonio Montesanti's EOS Ceramica (in piazza), Francesca Procoppio's Studiolo Home Gallery (main road)

for kids:

visit artists in their studio and get creative (see above)


Skiing in Calabria

Winter in Calabria (blog post)

Ski Etna


from: Pizzo Calabro (VV) to:

  • Lamezia International Airport (26 km, 30 min)
  • Vibo Marina port (4 km, 7 min)
  • Vibo Valentia (12 km, 20 min)
  • Briatico, Punto Safo Beach (about 15 km, 20 min)
  • Tropea (28 km, 32 min)
  • Capo Vaticano (about 40 km, 50 min)
  • Serra San Bruno (42 km, 45 min)
  • Catanzaro (via A3, SS280 60 km, 50 min)
  • Seminara (via A3 65 km, 50 min)
  • Scilla (via A3 83 km, 60 min)
  • Soverato (via SS182 65 km, 1h15)
  • Reggio Calabria airport (via A3, 104 km, 1h15)
  • Stilo (via SS110, 79 km, 1h23 min)
  • Gerace (SS18, SS11 90 km, 1h30)
  • Gambarie (Aspromonte National Park), (A3/E45, 96 km, 1h30) <-- skiing! *
  • Camigliatello Silano (Sila National Park), (A3/E45, 123 km, 1h33) <-- skiing!*
  • Messina, Sicily (via A3 and ferry 105 km, about 2h)
  • Taormina / Etna, Sicily (via A3 and ferry about 155 km, 2h 1/2 - 3h)
  • Catania, Sicily airport (via A3/E45 and A18/E45, 196 km, about 3 h, including ferry)
  • STROMBOLI, Aeolie Islands (80 km, up to 12h, see Day Trips above) 
  • Amalfi, Positano (via A3 365 km, about 4h) - or take the fast train to Salerno (2 1/1h only!)
  • Napoli airport (via A3 405 km, about 4h)

GUIDEBOOK for Palazzo Pizzo Residence 

With your booking you will receive a little "Guidbook" compiled by us for your stay in Pizzo. You will find our and guests' recommendations for bars, restaurants, beaches, day trips as well as important phone number, detailed directions and more.


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