Daybed Upholstery

My Chinese daybed before ...

... and after upholstery.
I am very happy with the result - Chinese style mattress and rectangular cushions - very comfortable!

This is the floor of the 'soggiorno', the room the daybed goes. To check on the colours of the tiles I spread a bucket of water over the floor (last summer), and surprise!

The tiles are well-preserved and will get a nice polishing treatment.

Since fabric and labour for upholstery is so affordable here in China, I wonder if I should do a second cover for my daybed? Matching the floor?

We do not know yet what else will go in this room. It might be a "Chinese Room". But one that meets the West. That's why I have not chosen Chinese silk or Dragon patterns...

So far the mattress and cushions are realised in a nice blue cotton - no idea, how to name the colour appropriately - maybe medium dark blue with a touch of petroleum.
The candy-striped fabric was chosen by my husband, it fits the blue well.
Now, the spare cover I could do in a warm ox red velvet for winter time.
Or maybe I just pick another cotton. Neutral creme white ? Or light blue ? Any idea ?

Wallpaper Chinese Style

Although wallpapers are not really used often in Italian houses, I got interested into wallpapers through blogs like Absolutely Beautiful Things (ABT) and an article in AD about Villa Polisena in Rome that has a Chinese room (see my post). I can picture to have a Chinese-theme room in our Italian house. This would always remind us of our exotic life we had (and still have) in Asia.

... and maybe even wallpaper in the bathroom:

Pictures from:
Thibaut thanks to ABT (no. 3,5)
Lehman & Qian in Shanghai (no. 1,2)
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And one more link I just found via Designamour:
Fromental in the UK