The Living Room is Coming

living area flooring done

The installation of the parquet (natural oak) is done for the piano terra (ground floor). Angelo handled it all by himself, day by day. Last night he sent me the picture with sofas without legs.

I just replied that the wooden flooring looks fantastic. Sofas look a bit bulky for our small living area ;-) and not too bad without legs. But legs can be found in the white Santa Fe tool box in the yellow guest room. It is coming along!


Today, Angelo sent those pictures you can say they show milestones in our renovation work:

The flooring of the entrance is done !

I am glad, we found enough original tiles and could avoid a mix with another pattern. However, it was just the right amount of tiles to lay a kind of floral carpet. For the "gap" we added travertine that now looks like a border made on purpose. - When you now enter the main door and go straigth upstairs, you do not pass any dusty renovation area anymore!

The ceiling of the large living space is done!

This ceiling was hell of a work over several weeks that Angelo managed all alone. I only grated off a  few cm2 of old layers of paint with a small special knife to uncover the former fresci. Not much was left to lay bare, but it gives this space the appropriate old palazzo atmosphere. More about the ceiling and its construction in another post.

More milestones: Please have a look at my ABOUT page that I have newly added to the blog. Also I am happy to see that my blog hits this month an all time high visitor record. Thank you!

Living Room and Colours

Furniture is really the last thing I am thinking about right now. But I found that draft post that has some nice pictures, so why not post it today.

Anyway, I have not much thought about the living room yet. Maybe because it seems easier than the rest. Or because it is the most important room, that I keep for last. The room itself is not that big, around 25 m2, same size as the dining area and the kitchen, so it is best to not put too much furniture. And it is not that bright, only one small window. So I suggest mirrors or mirror wall. As the house is big and can host a lot of people, we need enough seating possibilities. I think about one three-seater sofa or two two seater-sofa, two Louis XIV / XVI (?) style chairs, maybe stools that can be used either for seating or as spare side tables. Colour wise - for wall paint, curtains and sofas - I think light pink / rosΓ© - like the outdoor facade paint, and I think of pale coral - inspired by the coral fisher that have been diving for corals in front of the house.... sounds so romantic. That's why I have collected some romantic pictures form Designers Guild. - What do you think?

And my two favorite Louis VXI chairs. Left 'Riehl transitional style' and right 'chair salon' via Marie Claire maison:

Designers Guild
Marie Claire maison
Riehl Design