My Italian Wedding

Usually I am too shy and scared to publish private photos and info.
But let me do an exception today.

Today is our wedding anniversary.

Nine years ago, on September 30, 2000, I arrived with the above water taxi at the island of Torcello. Torcello is the oldest island in the lagoon of Venice. Unfortunately the weather changed over night and it rained cats and dogs.
"Aqua alta" (high water) urged me to make a big jump with my tight wedding dress before reaching the church.
This was the most scariest step I did that day.

In Italy they say : "matrimonio bagnato, matrimonio fortunato"
(wet wedding, happy wedding)
That's is probably one of the reasons our marriage is still happy.
The above photo is not the best photo in our album, but my favorite.

Today is not only my wedding anniverary - but also my father's birthday.
He walked me down the aile. Happy Birthday !

Oh, and while the guests where waiting for the bride in front of the church, my single German girl friend met my future husband's 4th degree Italian cousin, single as well at that time. The group pictures prove that they met early that day.
Needless to say that today they are happily married with a cute daughter.

And that's it.
Since here I am married !

Me & Writing & Design Blogs

I am a writer!
At least once in a while, when I am blogging or when I am writing for a magazine like tbjhome. It is a free monthly English lifestyle and interior design magazine that is distributed together with That's Beijing, the essential monthly guide for life in Beijing. It was fun working with the editor and with the bloggers Danielle, Grace and Jennifer (see details below).
Thank you for the cooperation!
I loved to work from home, anytime, best time for me is nighttime.

Here is the article, two pages - click on the pic to enlarge:

I came up with the idea to introduce some creative design blogs to the readers of the magazine instead of design books. They liked the idea, and gave me even two pages. However the editor said they only want design blogs that have their own domain name because blogspot is blocked in China (censorship).

So I choose from my favorites:
the style files by Danielle de Lange, The Netherlands
design*sponge by Grace Bonney, New York U.S.
The Peak of Chic by Jennifer Dwyer, Atlanta U.S.

At the end the editor decided to at least mention three more of my favorite design blogs that are on blogspot (if anybody in China faces access difficulties, go via!):
Absolutely Beautiful Things by Anna Spiro, Brisbane Australia
Decor8 by Holly Becker, Boston U.S.
Designers' Block by Di Overton
National Park Northumberland U.K.

As thinking green is important for our environment, I was looking for a green blog and found inhabitat. This blog, founded by Jill Fehrenbacher, New York is entirely devoted to green design.

Two more inspiring blogs were suggested by the editor:
Core77 - the industrial design super site
NOTCOT - a visual filtration of ideas + aesthetics + amusement

And what does this have to do with our Palazzo?
Well, it is mentioned in the magazine as well, sort of, shortly, in my bio.
As I know lots of other bloggers from pictures, I feel like I owe you a picture of me. And as it is published in this Beijing magazine anyway, why not publish it on my blog?
Here it is:
Okay, my name is Susanne. Some friends call me Susi. My sister and father used to call me Susi. My mum didn't like it and so my family calls me Su. French people call me Suzanne or Suzie. American people call me Susan or Susi. My uncle and aunt calls me Sanni (like Sunny). My dear grandma did too. I choose Susi as alias and spell it with 'z' like 'Suzie Wong' as I am living in China and started my Beijing blog first. Oh, by the way, this is all about my middle name only. My first name is Ella.

Bye for now.

I was Tagged

I have been tagged lately by Katiedid and South of the Sahara. Thank you for showing interest in the blogger behind this blog. I owe you answers.


- I am very happy and thankful to have seen a lot of this world. I am German and have lived 32 years in Germany before moving for 5 years to Thailand. Now, I am living in China since 2 years. For my work I have travelled to over 20 countries, where I spent a month in average. My favourite countries are Ireland, Thailand and Italy. My favourite city for many years was Paris.

- It happened to me to fall in love with an Italian whom I met in my hometown Stuttgart. He looks more Scandinavian than Italian and I am the one with the ‘Italian’ temperament in the family.

- I do not care about brand names and I own less pairs of shoes than my husband (well, he is Italian).

- I suffered from asthma when I was little. For many years I could not run as much around as other kids because I could not breath. With swimming, lots of swimming and even more swimming I was cured when I was about 11 years old.

- Although I was a real good and talented swimmer, I was playing tennis daily for many years and I loved skiing, I have lost my interest in these sports. Maybe I have overdone it. Maybe I am just too lazy.

- I met Keanu Reeves in person once. He looks even better in reality than in the movies or pictures. Although he has a fantastic voice he does not talk that much - same as in the movies.

- I am ‘collecting’ languages. At school I learned first French, then English and Latin. French and Latin helped me to learn other languages like Spanish and Portuguese (which I lost after not using it). I learned Italian to be able to communicate with my new family (which made me loose my Spanish). I know some words in Japanese, Bahasa (Indonesian), Dutch, Swedish and Danish. Nowadays I am trying to learn Mandarin as every other foreigner living in China does. Besides my German mother tongue, I am best in French, I think.

- Although I dreamed of becoming a graphic designer, painter or writer I choose to study the more ‘safe’ economics. 20 years later, I am now changing my ‘destiny’. Two weeks ago a resigned from my old job (that was on hold) and feel free now, to do what I always wanted to do. First of all I am writing in blogland, here and there. And maybe other dreams will come.

I found eight things about me. So I am done. Who else wants to join the game? You are tagged, tell me!