Bathrooms Boudoir Style

Would you split a big room into a tiny bedroom and an even tinier bathroom with no window? Assuming you have enough space, eh a palazzo? I rather opt to sacrifice one entire room to be a nice bathroom, 'boudoir'-style. Le boudoir (french) = the lady's room or "bower", means a room separated from the bedroom where you / ladies can bath and dress.

Here is my inspiring collection of bathrooms boudoir style:

For more inspiration see also my post about bathrooms with wallpaper. Only use tiles until half hight (like in the photo above). Then use color or wallpaper to turn the bathroom into a more cosy space.

My only remaining question: which of the five rooms (below) should be our bathroom?

My favorite at the moment is the top left, with one window facing the sea. That would make a boudoir with sea view! We could install the sink in front of the window with a little round mirror, like in two of the pictures.

Photo source: different blogs, and flickr - Sorry I kept not track who posted it first and from which original source (internet or magazines).