Meeting Point Gelateria Belvedere

Those days you can find us at the 'Gelateria Belvedere' in La Piazza Repubblica in Pizzo. This is our personal favorite, a gelateria that runs since 1901 in the forth generation. Here, we catch up with the architect and meet with potential workers. La Gelateria is our office, our meeting room. The best you can imagine. Our top four orders are:

- Il Tartufo Nero, invented in Pizzo: a half chocolate, half hazelnut ice cream ball filled with dark liquid chocolate - to die for! - also affogato, with hot espresso on top. (This picture shows half tartufo, cut in the middle, no coffee -> half calories)

- La Torta Belvedere (a piece of cake of hazelnut and cream ice cream, a temptation as big as the tartufo) here affogato, with espresso coffee on top.

- Caffe Shakerato (I have to check the spelling)- it is a shake of espresso coffee and hazelnut ice cream served in a prosecco glass.

- una Granita - smashed ice mixed with berries from the forest or lemon - very refreshing and maybe a little less calories.

And if we do not have a meeting there we still go for an aperitivo before lunch or after dinner for desert.