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There is something magic about the house. It has calm and peaceful vibrations.

I was answering comments of my last post, but then decided to write the answer in a new post.

This afternoon we were on site again with the architect and a signore that took measures for the windows in order to make an offer. There are certain restrictions for the renovation of an old house in the historical center of Pizzo. For example the window frames should be brown or wooden colour. Not everybody in the neighbourhood was following these rules, but I think it makes sense and will look good in our case (althoug we had white colour in mind).

I was standing on the balcony and watching the sea. The view is so peaceful and calm. I was wondering about myself how calm I am regarding the time and money involved. I was joking that we might need FIVE YEARS to finish the house... but I hope that we can use some part of the house earlier, maybe next summer. I am happy as long as I can stand on that balcony and watch the sea. The colour of the window frames and even the colour of the outside walls seem secondary. I am sure that the result of the renovation will be beautiful. The house and its view will always play the main role.