"Beach Style"

Can a palazzo wear "beach style"?

Y e s !

Look at the JK Place in Capri
- wow - what an elegant example.

The JK Place in Capri and its terrace

One of the bedrooms of the hotel in Capri

Grey painted walls and eye catching cushions (right after the giant vase)

White painted wooden ceiling - and I love the elegant blue walls

Terry cloth upholstery! (zoom in!)

Thanks to the comments made about my last post I was not only remembered of the stylish hotel in Capri but also of the famous beach house in the Hamptons that was the set for the movie "Something’s Gotta Give" (with Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson and handsome Keanu Reeves).

The living room with the famous white sofa.

Blue and white striped cushions

And thanks to your comments I am more focused:
- it will not be a too relaxed beach style (no fishermen net), but I want to feel Southern seaside (sea shells, local pottery)
- I love an eclectic mix of old and new (antique and modern) as well as East and West (moving back and forward between Asia and Europe is part of our life) for the interior
- I love blue and white (plain or striped) for cushions and upholstery
- I love terracotta, local ceramic tiles, wooden panels (even white, or brushed white) for the flooring

For more beach style inspiration visit interior designer Anna Spiro's blog Absolutely Beautiful Things (ABT) in Brisbane, Australia (beach, beach, beach). One of her projects reminds me of JK Place indeed (fabric for cushions).

And today last but not least on the beach style list: The locations agency The Beach Studios, that provides hip "beach style" shoot spaces for the film and photography industry.

JK Place, Capri
Architectural Digest about the set design of "Something's gotta give"
ABT label "Blue"
ABT label Beach Style
The Beach Studios