Hello Everyone,

this blog is a bit on hold because of Chinese internet censorship. As most of you know, we are temporarly living in China. And although blogger and blogspot is blocked and unblocked here all the time, I never faced difficulties to find a way around the Firewall. This time, it was a bit different.

When you read this here, it is because I found free proxy servers like blogspotproxy.com or websurf.cn - that not only allow me to access blogs that are hosted by blogger, blogspot or typepad, but also to sign in my blog and publish a post. I am online, I am writing, but I cannot upload images.

But there are no attractive images to share at the moment anyway. The restauration of the main facade has started and continues. Angelo, my father-in-law and chief rennovation inspector has got a more attractive assignment and has left the site for now. However, he is still supervising the work via photo-report by emails sent by the architect.

I hope to be back soon with some colourful pictures.
Thanks for not giving up on this blog!
** I will be back!! **