No Special China

I did not do it.
Palazzo Pizzo will not have special china ware.

However, you asked me once to keep you posted what design I would choose.
So here (above) are my two favorites. I would have done 12 dinner plates for each version.

But as usual, I am doing things last second. The shop confirmed, they could do it in a few days and deliver tomorrow, so it could be packed in the container. But when I saw the draft that they send me via email... I thought, it is not the way we like it. It is too accurate. Hand painted though. Of course I could have gone back and explain again - or even go to the other store that develops a chop and print it for 1 kuai per plate. But I am running out of time now.

And maybe it is for the good. I was not really convinced to have special china ware for the house. Maybe I am also a bit tired of the house renovation at the moment. My head is not there right now. - But of course, I will be back soon in best form to blog again more. Especially when we start our summer holiday - close to the project (it is still not livable). I hope I will not be too disappointed about the slow progress. They are still working on the facade. Oh, I hope the architect will not feel offended... it is of course also due to our financial situation that things are slow... no money, no ho(use)ney...