More blue...

My house has a blue balcony.
And it has a blue terrace as well.
ba dee da da da...

The simple finish - I think looks good (see picture above).

But I am not sure if I like this 'sweet' Vietri border... that I have approved last year ...

... and the asymmetric finish ? (the frame is not in the middle of the terrace).
... ba dee da da da...

My husband had a good comment:
"It is not bad. We probably will like it more when we are older".

So funny! Glad I am not alone with my sceptic.

And of course, we have to see it in reality. So far we see it only from these photos.

Hey, below is a nice one: our blue terrace, between the sea and the sky:

Source: the water blue tiles and the 'listello' (border) are both from Fornaci d'Agostino.