Outside In

As the frequent reader already knows, we renovate from outside in.

Here is an update of the work done on the balcony. It is probably finished by now.

Do you like the diagonal finish?

It happened like this:
My husband asked me last week around 10pm at night, if I want the tiles on the balcony laid diagonally or parallel?
Me: Mmh, do I have to make the decision tonight?
He: Yes, they want to start with this work tomorrow.

For your information, we have bought the tiles more than ONE year ago ! Also a decision that needed to be made quickly at that time ...

So I took a paper and a pen and drew the balcony (I know the shape by heart). And as it is not even and a bit round, the architect recommended a diagonal finish. In Italy quiet common.

I know it is common for small rooms as well to make them appear larger. - So, why not. My drawing looked okay.

And here is the work in progress.

PS: we are all wondering if we still like the blue tiles we bought a year ago... (There are more blue tiles for the terrace! Larger ones.)