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Naomi Campbell by Michel ComteTo post about problems with renovation work is not that sexy.

But today I came across this beautiful photo (above) and I thought it worth to share it ... it is such a beautiful duvet ... and the tapestry on the wall is so noble !

Liaison VII by GaboAnd there was this other one. The same fabric of the curtain, probably silk, is used to decorate the wall ! The primary colours blue, red and green give a fresh touch.

Kai Stuht The Beauty and the dark Elusive GloomAnd this black and white photo reminds me a bit of my basement: the stairways and the piles of tiles on the right... aah, excuse me... the lady looks like she needs to have a word with the bricklayer...

Kai Stuht The Beauty and the dark HauteurAnd may I introduce you to 'Mrs Sleepless in Renovation'

All photos via LUMAS

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And because of the special day today please allow me some special words to all my friends and readers from the U.S.:
Congratulations to your new President Obama and to your new first family! I saw pictures from the inauguration and I am full of joy and hope !