Successful fellow blog in Calabria: Bleeding Espresso
'Michelle Fabio, an American writer and attorney leaves the Anthracite Coal Region of Pennsylvania for her family's ancestral village in Calabria, Italy, falls in love, gets two dogs, writes to her heart's content and begins bleeding espresso. No really.'

I can't say it in better words, so I let Michelle introduce herself. She and her blog are located in the small village Badolato in Calabria, just on the other side of Pizzo.

Pizzo and Badolato in Calabria, South of Italy
I discovered her blog when she left a comment on mine. Since then I am following her writings with interest. She is a talented writer who has besides writing a broad interest in many things like travel, literature, culture, history, politics, Italy & Calabria, photography AND cooking !

She also writes among others for as a Guide to Law School,
Guarda! a weekly column for Italy Magazine,
easyJet, the airline's Destination Guide to Lamezia Terme, and Italian Notebook.

The latest news is that her blog Bleeding Espresso entered the final of the acknowledged 2009 bloggies awards in the category 'best european blog' !

Go here and vote for Bleeding Espresso, the blog that promotes Calabria, as 'best European blog' ! (Hurry, until February 2nd only !)

It is now almost a year ago, when I was in Pizzo and phoned Michelle, my Calabrian fellow blogger. We said we will visit each other one day, or we could meet in the middle, in Serra San Bruno.
Michelle, when you win this blog award, you and P are invited for tartuffo ice in Pizzo! (and if not: you are invited the same!)