Market Day in Vibo Valentia

Saturday is market day in Vibo Valentia. So, today, for a change, we went up the 'mountain' to Vibo Valentia - the birth place of my husband (!)

- lingerie is selling in front of the church -

In the center of the old town around 9 am the streets begin to fill up with pedestrians strolling around the market stands. Unfortunately, these Italian village markets nowadays sell lots of polyester clothes, underwear and cheap shoes from China, among the usual fake shirts, bags and perfumes.

To me, the market stall of the basket maker (above) was the most interesting and beautiful. It was the only one who sold real handycraft. These baskets are not cheap. But I will get something from him when my house is ready: Antonio Cosentino, S. Nicola Da Crissa, Calabria - intreccio vimini e canna

There also was some pottery. A few terracotta pots and vases. One stand sold handpainted plates (left), that make good sovenirs to hang on the wall. But the rest was of the pottery was mainly kitchy.

The Saturday market extends to the colourful vegetable market, that opens daily :

Southern delicacy : the sweet ognion of Tropea, la cipolla di Tropea (middle). We eat this ognion almost every day - with tomatoes, in the salad, on tuna fish ... - it has this sweet taste that you only can find here in the South. Also prickly pear, fico d'India, growing on a cactus (left) are eatable. However I prefer, the green figs, fici (right).

From the left (above): home made cheese, zucchini flowers (to be fried!) and black olives !

Important in the Southern kitchen are: chili (peperoncino) and garlic (aglio). Also with olive oil preserved vegetables are a speciality of Calabria. E.g. I love preserved sun dried tomatoes !

- sun dried tomatoes ! -

Look, what we have here ! Tiny yummy snails ! And a new scuba watch for 3 Euro ...

And here we have for la brava casalinga, the housewife, a nice selection of cleaning dresses. I think, I need to get one for me when I am going to clean my palazzo ...

For now these three tableclothes are mine ! I know, they do not really fit the style of my appartment in Germany, but they bring some Southern atmosphere back home !
And it was a great deal