September 1st : Summer is Over for Italians

What a difference a day makes !

Today, the sea was fresher and cleaner.

A different smell in the air.

And no people at the beach !

Okay, about three elderly ladies with hats were having a chat in the shallow water.

No screaming children, no flying baseballs, no families of ten between me and the sea. No forgotten plastic bottles.

Just the peaceful sound of tiny waves and the far away church bells.

My mother-in-law explained to me, that the summer is over now.

At least Italian housewives would consider the summer as over and not go to the beach anymore. Even when the temperatures are still high and the water even more beautiful, they would only come to the beach on weekends.

In fact, today, on the beach, there were only these elderly ladies - and us. And a few grandchildren. But no men. All back at work.

We spent two wonderful hours in the water, chating and swimming and snorkling (the little one, not me) - and then back home for pranzo (lunch).

I will really enjoy my last days here in Calabria before I have to return back to the 'North' of Europe.

* * * Please Note : * * *

If you ever plan to visit Calabria - or any other Italian coast - don't come in August !

In August, about 30 million Italians are going on holiday.

The heat is unbearable.
This year, August was hotter then ever, the locals said.

The beaches are crowded.
No parking space available.
Traffic jam at night.

No seats at 10 pm in the gelaterie.
Worst service of the year in the restaurants.
And more garbage and more smelling.

Only the second weekend after Ferragosto (August 15th) people start to travel back home.

However, September 1st makes the difference.
No matter if it is just a Tuesday, like today.
There is this difference to yesterday, August 31st.

Today, summer is over - for Italians - and the best season starts !

(Above pic painting by me on one of these hot August days when none of us wanted to go to the crowded beach.)