Pizzo : Refreshing Sea and Festivals

After so many hours and days on the construction site - ah, yes the house looks great from the outside - but we have not finished yet the dusty inside - a bath in the beautyful sea is so rewarding !!!

The water temperature is about 26 degree right now in August - what a hard life !!!


If you are around this area please note:
Saturday, August 8, 2009:
NOTTE BIANCA tra i vicoli di Pizzo
con musica, animazione e gastronomia, quartiere Carmine !
"White night" in the aleys of our quartier Carmine (the name comes from the church next to our house), historic center of Pizzo, sea side, from 8pm on !
See you there !!
Sunday, August 9:
secondo festival del gelato
2nd ice cream festival with discounts in Pizzo's ice cream parlours up to 20%
Sagra del Tartufo
Piazza San Francesco
Musiche e Balli Latini Gruppo Caraibico "Mantra"
Piazza della Republica
more info on ongoing festivals next week