Long awaited latest photos

I am excited and proud to present these actual long awaited photos of the facade : (see also previous before & after pictures)

Our house is too big or the piazza in front is too small, that I cannot take a single picture of the entire palazzo ! - (I have the wrong camera / objective).
We restored the whole facade starting with colored plaster.
The two fake windows were restored (originally only one was elaborated).
All windows and window frames were replaced (we have painted white wooden frames on the inside and aluminium with brown wooden finish on the outside for the sea climate).

All window grids of the ground floor are newly made after our input. The balcony rails of the first floor were just repainted in black (before they were white).

Did you know that we are so close to the church, chiesa del Carmine ? Don't worry, the bells will not ring at 7 am.

The blue details below the balcony were an idea of our architetto, who said that the original facade had these blue elements.
The doors, we have three of them, were delivered last Monday and just finalised yesterday with all accessories including the original mail box cover. I do remember collecting all these pictures of doors to choose the right design. Then we decided one, but I cannot remember which one. - Here is the drawing from this blog's archive - oh, the nails are missing ! - Who cares, the result is great ! We like them all.
However, we have not been asked about the door knobs. But luckily we have been on site to choose the position for the knobs.

- original mail box -

For friendly mail only !