quick update w/o picture

Weather: sunny and hot !
Sea: crystal blue, turquoise, green, about 26 degree !

We went there after our first swim in the sea - with no camera.
I felt slightly nervous.
We decided to start with the roof terrace.
But on the way I stopped at one of our new windows:
What kind of frame is this ?! Round finish ?
I cannot repeat the words that escaped my mouth ...
but it is clear that we did not order this shape !
It does not fit an old palazzo. It is modern, not even, just bad shape. 30 windows in this style...
This happens when you are not on site.

And the gold-colored handles ? My husband is responsible for this.
Only one time I skiped an appointment with the worker at the factory....

Then the roof terrace:
after the shock about the windows, I felt relieved here:
the blue tiles come out better then we thought !
Not too blue, slightly pale, not stealing the show of the scenery.

The iron doors in the basement:
they look good from the inside. As we had no keyes to open them - we had not met the architetto yet - we could not judge from the garden side.
Also my little lemon tree needs some water, but this had to wait, no keyes to access the garden.

Today afternoon, we went to see a marmista (marble workshop) in Filadelfia up on the hills. We were looking for a light color flooring for our floor under the roof. But somehow, it was too hot and we could not find anything interesting.

Next target: Callipo in Vibo Valentia - we had to drive down hill and up hill. Always small curvy roads. And here it took us about 5 minutes to find the solution: rovere bianca, white painted oak by Berti for the flooring under the roof.

Everything will be fine...

That's all so far.