Palazzo Pizzo featured in German "1richtungsblog"

Today this blog is featured in 1richtungsblog written in German language by Anita.  Her American experience of 7 years in Dallas definately brings a fresh spirit into her daily updated blog.  Style Spion a leading German blog calls her the "German Decor8".

She frequently features private homes, fellow bloggers and artist. And I am happy to see that the German blog scene has developped. All the German language blogs in her blogroll are inspiring as well. And I am happy for the very friendly feature - in German language of course - about our renovation project in Italy.

Maybe you wonder, why I am writing in English language and not in German, as I am not only born in Germany but also at the moment based in Germany.

So, here is my explanation, why blogging in English :

When I started blogging - almost three years ago (!) - I wrote my first posts in German language :

My very first post on December 31, 2006 :  Ein Abenteuer beginnt
Then, January 7, 2007: Haus am Meer gesucht
The third and last in German language on February 7, 2007:  Der Grundriss
(not sure where the pictures have gone)

Okay, I am admitting that one post per month was not enough to attract a crowd of readers and commentators, but I felt that the German blog scene was somehow boring - at that time. I could not find anything interesting or inspiring I would have liked to link to.

And then my absolute favorite blogger of that time - Maryam - left a comment on my blog :  I wish I could read your blog:-(

That were the magic words that made me start writing in English.

I do really enjoy the English writing group that blogs about interior design, home & garden and all inspiring beautiful things. However, I am open to meet the German scene as well.

And that's why I am going to greet them in my mother tongue :

Hallo und willkommen auf meinem blog !!!!  Schaut Euch um, fuehlt Euch wie zu Hause. Mehr auf Deutsch spaeter ...