cool products for bathrooms

Shower Pluvia by Rapsel

Recently I came across this fancy shower. The wall mounted shower's spiral column not only ends in a rainshower head but also functions as shower curtain rail ! (diameter about 80 cm). - It seems like a space saving solution.

I do not have experienced the above shower, but I am a very lucky girl to have this one at my home (in Germany):

It is a steam shower ! It is the Wellbox Easy by megius

We love it. Especially in these cold days, after sport or just to relax and get a nice skin. Of course you can also use the shower function alone without the steam funtion. It is an Italian brand (sure, nice design!) and you can choose among different versions (size, colour, finish). We have a white one (125cm x 90cm) with wooden floor and wooden chair.

steam shower Wellbox by megius

We got the idea from our friends who are renovating an entire house and they were telling us about getting a steamshower and all its advantages. - When you get a built in one, it could be more expensive then a ready box.
The same friends told us that they are going to get a Turkish toilet. What is that ? we asked ...
Since I spent a weekend in Istanbul I know that all toilets in Turkey - whether in five star hotels, night clubs, museums or simple restaurants - all have it - the bidet funtion. It is two in one !
"shower" toilet by Temtasi

Since we have one in our newly renovated bathroom (in Germany) we are very happy. Italians always have bidets in their bathrooms, however sometimes you just do not have enough space.

"shower" toilet Tuana with bidet funtion by Temtasi
(this seems the best looking model)

And to finish my post about fancy bath equipment I would like to share my favorite sink :

sink Gran Kanal by Rapsel

I posted it before - I love it because it is the smallest double sink that we could find. It is only 111 cm long and is big enough for two people to use at the same time. It is space saving and has an aesthetical modern look. (The Vero serie by Duravit is similar and less expensive.)

PS: I hope you like me sharing some of my favorite bathroom equipments. Sometimes when I want to make up my mind about products, I like to read customers comments. (I am not getting paid for that post.).
Update: I want to mention another post of mine where I am praising some less fancy and cheap DIY bathroom ideas.