How time flies - with capers

Over the weekend I checked my photo files about our palazzo. That means I had to go through summer holiday files of four years ! And we do not have just one summer holiday file per year. It was quiet a lot ... but of course very enjoyable. Not only to see the progress (the slow progress!) of our renovation project but also to see our child grow.

I found these funny photos below, that we apparently took every year. I call the serie "capers harvest on our terrace" (capers = caperi).

caperi August 11, 2006
This picture was taken when we saw the house for the very first time.

My Italian mother-in-law - always having space in her handbag - is collecting capers with our son.
This is still at the very first visit to the house in August 2006.

One year later: July 2007
Meanwhile the house is ours.
But we have not started the renovation yet.
Still harvesting capers ...

... and enjoying the view (summer 2007)

March 2008: renovation in progress
The terrace is the roof of the second floor and needs sealing.
The caper plant was taken out and the balustrade paint plastered.

Tow years later, August 2008 : uups ! A tiny caper plant popped up again !
The roots must be very stong and resistant.
Not good for roof and walls underneath. Water could infiltrate. Special treatment is necessary.

Three years later, August 2009 : Done !
No more capers. New tiles and security grid.

Although the tiles are beautiful and the iron grid is necessary - I still can't stop thinking that I like the charme of the old dilapidated condition - more? This is one of the difficulties, I think, when renovating. How to stop dilapidation without changing the character of a building or interior too much.

To get a broader picture, I am posting the sea side facade before and after:

August 2006, not our house yet

Sea side facade March 2008

August 2009
The palazzo from the sea, 54 meters above sea level

Some readers might know my sea side pictures. But since I am posting for almost three years and the renovation progress is so slow, some of you might have forgotten about the "look". Here are some more before and after posts.