I do not want my bathroom tiled like a slaughterhouse

This afternoon my son and I met some friends who live in the neighbourhood.

When we returned to the house, CC and Angelo were measuring the walls in the bathroom of the mansard to calculate the amount of tiles we need.

When I came in and saw the green crayon marks up high close to the ceiling, I said:  "NO NO NO !!!"

Because I cannot speak Italian anymore when getting too excited (or mad) and Angelo was not willing to understand why a bathroom should not have four walls tiled up til the ceiling I asked back wheather men would piss up that high or why should we have the walls tiled til the ceiling behind the toilet? Still no understanding or support from CC. My bathroom should not look like a butcher's shop!, I added. We are not going to have blood splashed all over....

Was I too harsh?

Angelo said that in Italy they do it like that. And I said in France they do half hight.

Well, I hope I made my point clear.

Anyway, no matter how many tiles we need to order, we still have not decided on the kind of tiles. I still like the white rectangular ones, that are often used in French country houses (see samples in my Flickr file). Although I like the mosaic tiles by SICIS (or Bisazza), I think they do for the shower area - and after I was told the price, I think I do not need them at all. Also CC and I still like the water resistent lacquer (smalto) that could be used for all the rest of walls that do not get tiled.

I will keep you posted.