Pictures from Pizzo

Pizzo at the marina on Sunday

stromy weather in Pizzo

another building site, below the house

the building site from high above
(our architect is also responsibl for the new port contruction)

the dark 'whole' below in the rock will be the 'blue grotto'
What an amazing view from our balcony we will have !

While the adults are checking and discussing over and over the things to do inside, our boy plays football outside - so far the best of his holiday that he considers boring (it is too cold for for the beach!).

Popular in Italy: the pellet heater - it keeps the soggiorno warm during the day and is cheaper than gas.

It's orange season - 1 kilo = 1 Euro

It's evening in Pizzo with Stromboli in the distance

I am glad to have managed to download, compress and upload pictures with Angelo's laptop. And I hope you enjoy this potpurri of impressions from Pizzo.

weather: sunny and cloudy, chilly whistling wind, temperature felt app. 10 degrees Celsius