update from Pizzo


today I woke up and the sky was grey. Very windy and chilly outside - and it is not much warmer inside.

Sleeping with hot-water bottles makes the nights cosier. During the days I am wearing wool sweaters - sometimes two layers.

However, the good news is, that the wind here at the seaside blows away always the clowds quiet quickly and we have sunshine everyday. The weather forecast (the link is on my blogroll) is surprisingly reliable.

We have been to the house daily since our arrival on Sunday. Yesterday we ordered the following material to continue and finish the attic (mansard) :
  • material to insolate the roof (it also absorbs noise, smell and humidity)
  • white paint for the beams under the roof
  • and the parquet flooring (white painted oak panels)
And we have been looking into tiles (again) for the bathroom. We are very close to make a decision ;-)
We also bought some spare paint for the main facade to paint over some spots and kids scrawl.

I have made lots of picures yet - not many from the house as there is nothing new - except some more mould in the basement (well, we need to speed up to finish) - but pictures from the area. The other night we saw Stromboli at sunset. But so far I have not figured out why I am not able to upload picures to my blog (and even to my emails). I am here at Angelo's laptop, all different and in Ialian.

I will be back soon with pics. Also from the inside of the house as CC and Angelo are right now there to prepare the wooden beams for the paint job.

Saluti della Calabria