fridges by smeg

Who does not know the retro fridges anni 50 style by smeg ?
I see them regulary in magazines, but did not realize that they are not from fleamarkets but actually still in production.

the most fun one for Italy fans

colour panna, 96 cm h x 55 cm l, small fridge including freezer

colour azzurro, 151cm h x 60 cm l, one door fridge with freezer

colour: acqua verde, 168 cm h x 60 cm l, two doors

this is the model we have in mind, colour: blu
however, we need to think about the size and measure again

and then:
We need to think if we really want a blue kitchen with a blue fridge. These two blues will not be exactly the same. So, do we take a blue kitchen with an metallic fridge or with a light green or blue fridge that make a little contrast - or do we order a white kitchen with a blue fridge for contrast ? (The floor will be white wooden panels.)

Blue and blue ? (blu bahama by LUBE and blu by smeg) ?!
Any suggestions ??!? please ?!