Kitchen briefing

In the last two days we were occupied with the planning of our little kitchen of the mandard.

As the facilities are already installed (water, gas and electricity) after our first plan, I just had to draw a bit with a crayon to visualize for myself where will be what. Not only I ended up with an L-shape kitchen but also with a kind of island to use for breakfast (when wheather conditions would not allow to sit outside). And to have a better feeling for the space I layed wooden panels on the floor and took a picture.

Then we went to a mobili shop in Pizzo (Via Nationale) with our floor plan and my drawings to get quiet fast this plan:

The sink was forseen in the corner (the architects idea) - and the shelf over the sink is a typical Italian kitchen equipment to store the plates while drying after washing (scolapiatti).

While discussing and deciding on details, I browsed some catalogues of modern colourful Italian kitchens:

I like : white mosaic tiles on the wall

I like : the light feel of that kitchen due to the little feet and the open plate shelf

I like : the fresh orange (and little feet and open shelf)

I like : accessories in chrom / steel

After having spent three hours with the kitchen planner (I thought it was less), we went back to the house to measure wheather the fridge would still fit below the beams of the roof.

Here I suddenly figured out that the arrangement of the sink below the window is unconfortable and the window will not open totally (probably not necessary), but somehow, I realised that I do not want an entire kitchen here at the mansard. What I really wanted to avoid, a 'kitchen look', would happen with that plan.

So when CC asked if I am done with the measuring, I told him that I just have changed my mind totally and explained him my new idea: Just one line, a kitchenette, pantry style. And a nice colourful retro smeg fridge on the side!

This morning CC agreed (after doing his thinking during the morning walk). And we went back to the kitchen planner and briefed him with our new idea. This is the result of today:

blue kitchen, blue smeg
no little feet (9 times more expensive then a simple blind)
and one entire steel top by Arniston (not in the drawing above):

This top allows us to have 4 stoves with maximum working space.
(I hope this is not too boring for my readers, but we do need this as a reminder.)

Unfortunately, my stay in Pizzo is soon coming to an end (school holidays are over), but CC is lucky enough to stay another three weeks and continue our work.