Kitchen accessories by IKEA

I like this kitchen island by Ikea (a big "accessory")

There is this wooden board to swing open and have breakfast.

The island consists of DACKE table (above) ...

... and DACKE trolley

 I want one or two of these metal shelves (but the fixing is not that pretty).

after dish washing a "drying shelf" - very Italian

another "work space saving storage shelf"

Below samples about how the metallic shelves (all GRUNDTAL) could be combined and how they would look like:

Here, I also like this UTBY shelf under the workspace

Not an accessory:
a simple minimalistic kitchen with cooker and sink. Ideal for a small budget and small space (just a fridge to add):

Unfortunately, there is no IKEA in Calabria (and I am not getting paid for this"ad").

One more accessory (not by IKEA):

A wooden board covers the stove when not needed and provides additional working space for a small kitchen. Simply move it to the side when cooking.