Small kitchens

As I am looking at small kitchens - kitchens that are like pantries, linear kitchenettes, minimalistic kitchens in living areas - all over the internet, I have found some pretty inspirations. Those pics I am filing and sharing here:

When you want to hide this kitchen, just unfold the large folding doors.
However this kitchen does not need to hide with its beautiful mosaic walls.

Camouflage: the kitchen melts togehter with the living area by using the same colour scheme. Having enough space on the buttom allows not using overhead storage and a more elegant look.

Using bold colours on the wall behind the kitchen brings the focus back to the kitchen. However, the long red shelf instead of overhead storage cupboards let the kitchen not appear like an ordinary kitchen. The kitchen's furniture is part of the living area.

This bold red shelf has a second function: it is the fume hood. Cool !

An vintage orange kitchen with inox fume hood and shelf for drying plates. 
(I am attracted by all kind of inox kitchen accessories!)

A flickr find: orange smeg in small kitchen

traditional metal kitchen in modern ambiente

One piece: sink, working and cooking

a walled kitchen (from a tile catalogue)

a 'living in" kitchen

During my research (for our own project) I liked more and more that cooking and living are melting together. Especially in small spaces it helps to have no harsh separation between cooking and living. I like when these two areas blends into each other.

There is only one rub:
to get this trendy look it is better not to hang overhead cupboards. But in small spaces this is a waste of storage space - unless you do not use your kitchen for cooking that often ...