Old tiled floor restoration

Oh, wow, bellissimo !

We got old beautiful tiles in three rooms of the house.
Now, in two rooms the original floor can shine again!
Today I received some beautiful photos of the restoration work.

It was a work process over two days:

Floor grinding and levelling starts here

Vincenzo at work with his machine

Grinding, levelling and joints sealing completed 

Now, Vincenzo makes the floor shiny (lucidare

Vincenzo has finished his work. BRAVO ! Bravissimo !

As you might see on the right (above), we used some other old tiles of the same thickness (from the third room) to repair broken areas. The same was made before us in the other room in the corner (below) :

In case you are looking for some professional cleaning or polishing of your floor (marble, granite, all kind of stones and tiles), stairways or a treatment for terra cotta floors- give Vincenzo a call!

I almost forgot to post a BEFORE photo:

BEFORE: Unfortunately, the electrician needed to install some cables and broke more than was already broken.

AFTER repair with old original tiles with floral ornament :

The spare tiles used for repair are from a third room where too many were damaged to be able to restore the floor nicely. So we decided to take them out and re-use them in another smaller area. There we will need less of them and had some leftovers to use as spare tiles in this room (above).