The renovation goes on

our big helper Tonino with his selfmade paper hat

The renovation goes on.
Angelo is on site again after a short break in Northern Italy.
While CC, my husband, has already left to Bangkok and started his new job.

(About Bangkok: CC stays and works in a - so far - safe area. We all hope that the situation is solved soon and peacefully. In two days my son and I are booked on flights to Bangkok for school testing dates, house hunting and BBQs with friends. I know that we should cancel the trip - and maybe go to Pizzo instead - or just stay home and relax.)

The above picture (I like it blur) shows our big helper Tonino who lives just across the street. Every second day he makes for himself a new paper hat, as in good old times. And speaking of old times, Tonino used to work in this house long before us. Yesterday, he continued repairing walls that have cracks or show other damages.

Angelo has offered to move the antenna. Maybe we will not be able to see certain channels. But in two years there will be digital TV or HD TV and then we will be able to see all again (if I understood well).