Parquet installation and shift in direction

I found these pics via Swedish emmas designblog and all what I can do is looking at the parquet installation. Here I am impressed how good a shift in direction looks. It underlines the change of a room funtion: living room / bedroom and dining / corridor.

At the moment, if I look at pictures of design blogs, enter a home or a restaurant, all I see is parquet installations.

I like all your comments and emails and votes. Thank you very much. The voting on the right side, on the blogroll, shows right now, that all the proposed versions A, B and C are equally accepted.

But I have to tell you something, the longer I think, the more I like Version C.
This is the 'mixed' version first our friendly architect came up with.

Now, I am checking with Angelo, our best and only worker (on the parquet side) if he thinks a smooth transition is feasible as we do not have these long, long 'one-piece-wall-to-wall' panels. Our panels are around 190 cm long, they will be offset and I would like to have the transition without a door sill.

Your comments and votes are still welcome !

Photo source: Fantastic Frank, a real estate agent selling above apartment in Stockholm, Sweden