The blue bathroom of the attic

mosaic and sink installed

another door that leads to a storage and locale technico

the shower box is not ordered yet

the mosaic band finishes with a thin marble bar
(one of the few items I was not involved)

I am very happy how this bathroom turns out. Impressive how good the blue paint matches the mosaic! My husband is responsible for both, as he got inspired by this bathroom post. And the white tiles, that we have chosen together, so beautiful, its surface plays with the light  .... Also I forgot that we ordered the Vero sink by Duravit, as I first wanted the more economical version (Starck 3), but now I am glad that we did spent a bit more. It looks much more elegant. Kudos to Angelo and Tonino, they did a great job ! Bravo !

PS: If you have noted, that no faucets are installed, and wonder why, then I can tell you that we have misplaced the box with the faucets ... Angelo is still searching....