The blue bathroom of the attic

mosaic and sink installed

another door that leads to a storage and locale technico

the shower box is not ordered yet

the mosaic band finishes with a thin marble bar
(one of the few items I was not involved)

I am very happy how this bathroom turns out. Impressive how good the blue paint matches the mosaic! My husband is responsible for both, as he got inspired by this bathroom post. And the white tiles, that we have chosen together, so beautiful, its surface plays with the light  .... Also I forgot that we ordered the Vero sink by Duravit, as I first wanted the more economical version (Starck 3), but now I am glad that we did spent a bit more. It looks much more elegant. Kudos to Angelo and Tonino, they did a great job ! Bravo !

PS: If you have noted, that no faucets are installed, and wonder why, then I can tell you that we have misplaced the box with the faucets ... Angelo is still searching....

Invitation to visit the attic with me

Come along with me upstairs to the attic, visit la mansarda...

Wait, what is new here :
We have installed a sliding door to be able to close the attic, in case we have a party or maybe guests staying up there. As the entrance before was so much smaler and even the stairs up here were so narrow, that Angelo had this stairs enlarged and this door intalled.

This lamp you have seen in my last post already: it is a simple round shaped wall (or ceiling) lamp of Murano glass. Above the lamp are wooden panels. (We might need to paint them white). They are here because we needed a path, a way to walk between the right and left part of the attic (as on the other side, the roof comes down very steep).

Ah, see, Angelo has already unpacked some of our furniture... well, these Shanghai style rocking deck chairs do not belong here (one floor down would be correct), but never mind. Have a seat.

Oh, look, an old chest from my husbands single household... not sure if it will remain here. But so far no other suggestion (as no other room his ready, ha ha !!!)

A new door ! Where is is leading to ?

To a bathroom ! Tonino is still at work.

Look, the bathroom is already finished !!!
The renovation process is so fast nowadays that I cannot keep pace with them on my blog.
I love these white rectangular tiles! And the turquoise colour that goes with them.

And here by tonight, there will be a tiny extra accent with a bit of Bisazza mosaic. I am even more curious than you, to see how my husband's idea will look (because we have to pay for that extra!!!)

And here ends the tour for today.

progress in the stairway: stucco repair and new lamp

The BEFORE situation

Angelo had set up a scaffold and decided to repair the stucco of the ceiling in the stairway of the first floor (primo piano) by himslef, paint the ceiling and walls and hang the lamp he and his wife have found on a flea market near Venice.

during repair

after Angelo's artistic job !

during repair
(here he bought a similar piece of stucco and adjusted it)

and after Angelo's artistic job !
(actually, I cannot see that something is not original)

the beautiful ceiling after repair and paint - wow !
(who's father or father-in-law is able to do that ?!?!)

and here comes the above mentioned lamp - an antique flea market find 

the only thing, that I have to do with this luster, is that I have chosen the location for it
(not sure if you remember my posts about the small 'original' lamp that I wanted to keep in the main entrance, here and here)

this is the picture I have received today:
the scaffolding is gone and a second lamp is mounted on a wall in the background.
I cannot wait to see the walls and rail painted and the wooden rail handle mounted !
It looks now much more liveable!

This is the other lamp - again not my choice, but a good choice - it's a simple round Murano glass wall lamp. It hangs in the stairway that leads to the attic. The wooden panels above the lamp is from the flooring. It will be used as a small path. More about the attic coming soon.

cucina dei puffi

The small kitchenette is installed

Since the kitchen seems so small, CC said that it looks like
"una cucina dei puffi"
a kitchen for smurfs
eine Kueche fuer Schluempfe
une cuisine pour les schtroumpfs

This funny impression gave me the colour solution for the fridge: smurf blue

You see, the fridge is still missing.

So far we have : 
a standard sink and additional small sink, a gas stove, a microvae, a tiny working space of 30 x 60 cm, a waste bin storage and some drawers. The top is one entire steel surface and was choosen by CC. He also absolutely wanted the microwave. He even knows how to cook with it.

My idea was to integrate the bulky microwave inside the lower kitchen part instaed of putting it on the (not available) work space or on a shelf.

Also my idea was not to have an L-shape kitchen, as it would be too much kitchen that I did not want to have here in the attic. We do have a main kitchen on the ground floor and should use that one. Here a pantry would have been far enough. Also instead of having a kitchen island that would allow breakfast and add work space, I decided that we are more flexible here with a table and chairs.

Until the rest of the house is finished we will be able to live in the attic with a bathroom and kitchen. Later we could have guests staying here independently or even rent this part out. That was the idea behind having the 6th bathroom and 3rd kitchen here.

I should have noted here right away our source. Now I had to search through old emails to find this info:
We bought the kitchen in Maida from ALINDAR CUCINE, the model is LENA PANNA and we changed the handles to those from ALBERTA, inox top including sink and stove by ARISTON. 

mansarda bianca

la mansarda bianca - our white attic

I am so proud of my idea of a white interior ... and of Angelo and CC to turn it into that stunning result !
The doors lead to the blue terrazzo with the blue ballustrade.

It was hard work !

This is how it startetd:

the ceiling:

CC at work: the beams needed grinding and painting

all the small fins needed to be fixed left and right of each beam

the flooring:

All done by Angelo alone - super job ! Mille Grazie !!!

And last but not least  BEFORE pictures:

This was the unfinished attic a while ago...