A Friday Post

I finally managed (by myself!) to download all the photos I have been shooting with my mobile phone in the last months. So today, like some other blogs do, I just wanted to share some photos on Friday - and they have nothing to do with the house project, but with creativity.

You might know that we have moved to exotic Bangkok (and doing the long distance renovation online). So, sometimes my fruit plate looks like that:

juicy yellow mangos, old yellow lemons and yellow-orange papayas

I took the picture as I thought that one day, I want to paint this still life !
And today my fruit plate looked like this:

yellow mangos, sweet & sour green mangos, yellow-orange papaya and lemons

And I am proud to announce that I just started an oil painting class and have been throwing myself right into portraying (first time!). Here is the proof:

Happy weekend to all of you !
And Happy Chinese New Year of the Rabbit (it started yesterday!)