Kids Room Ready To Move In

Timber flooring finished in our son's room:

I like this photo best:
parquet meets marble with shadow of the balcony's balustrade (please note the exact same level!)

Here we recognize in which room we are:
the one with the sunny side up ceiling

panels are laid half length offset, every second row is same 

I don't know the right term in English for that pattern, in German we call it "englischer Verband" (English formation), when the panels are offset by half length. This formation looks organized and calm. But it could also be laid irregularly what is call "Schiffsboden-Verband" in German (ship floor formation) like the parquet on a boat deck. This would underline the natural touch. However, since we do a "long distance renovation", we forgot to discuss about that detail.

The above picture shows the entrance to the tiny bathroom and a bit of the restored old original window shades (in our house they are mounted on the inside). The wood seems more reddish here than above due to another light situation. - What a difference the flooring makes! Now we can unpack the furniture !

photo source: all by Angelo sent in this weekend