4 favorites in my kitchen

In my actual kitchen - in Bangkok - I have four absolute favorite "accessories":

4 Favs

They are all four in the above picture - can you tell? From left to right:
  1. our electrical cutting machine - it is a farewell gift from our dear friends and neighbours back in Germany (via eBay) - we use it quite often to cut ham and salami from Italy.
  2. the large and very cool wine cooler ! I love the tenant for being so thoughtfully... we do not only store lots of wine but also chocolate at a temperature of 19 degree. A must in tropical climate! (by Miele)
  3. a garbage bin (by Franke) accessible from top of the workbench. It is a 12 l bin and comes in handy every day.
  4. the professional flexible faucet dispenser (looks like Flex by Franke)

I like the gadgets on the kitchen island: garbage bin and faucet

the lid of the 12 l bin (by Franke)

And here comes maybe the most strange information from Thailand: 

We do not cook in this kitchen. If we cook after all. Usually, the maid cooks and she cooks in the "Thai" kitchen, since what you see in the picture is the so called "Western" kitchen. Yes, it is quite common in Thailand to have two kitchens in a household. One for the "expats" to cook, if they like - and one for the "heavy" Thai cooking (garlic, oil, curry...).

If you have a house, a Thai kitchen is not even inside the house. And as this one kitchen would do for Thai families, there is often a second cooking possibility when the property is rented to Westerners.

In our case, we are lucky. We found a very modern condo with very modern, Zen like, interior design. That's why our Western kitchen is so luxury. But wait - luxury? In one point these developer and designers are still very Thai: there is no hot water ! In none of our kitchens. And no dish washer. When I complained (and asked to move the boiler from the guest toilet to the kitchen), they just said: "Cannot" and: "In Thailand we use soap". - But I love my 4 favorites!