Ceilings: Some lighter blue paint

Angelo tries out a lighter blue in another corridor
(all three panels are painted in the same hue)

the light sky blue in comparison to the other recent bright blue

for comparison of hues and for orientation - both are corridors 

The story behind:

ο»ΏThis morning, very early around 6.15 am, I saw these pics in my mailbox. Angelo had written last night and was asking about how I like the new light blue, that he had tried out (surprise!), and which colour I would like better.

Remember, he is addicted to blue colour paint and obsessed with painting the walls and ceilings colourful - and then surprising us with the result.

First, I had to ask back - via mail from Bangkok - whether the light blue in the first pic is one or three different hues (I could not tell). Later, Angelo confirmed from Italy, that it's only one light blue hue and that he and Tonino, his co-worker, like the new sky blue. Also my husband, on business trip in London, joined the discussion by mail and said that he likes the new colour too, but I should decide.

Due to the time difference between Europe and Asia, I was busy with other things (egg cleaning the fish pond) and for some hours not at the computer, while, meanwhile in Italy, Angelo, probably waiting with a paint brush in his hand, couldn't wait any longer and just sent me a SMS text message on my mobile phone:
"I am still waiting for your reply. See my and CC's mails." 
Wow, now, a new medium got introduced to our long-distance-renovation-project: SMSs.
After a quick look into my mails, I wrote straight back: "Light blue! Va bene. Grazie e buon lavoro!"
I did not even know that I can send a text message from my prepaid Thai SIM card to Italy.
It worked. Only a few seconds later, his reply : "Good choice!"