Vertical Wall Stripes

Apparently I inspired Angelo with my recent post about walls with stripes. After painting two horizontal stripes in a small corridor, he also painted three vertical stripes in a side entrance:

Angelo's latest art project

To make it clear, this was not my idea. It's his creation. He got very creative: three vertical stripes of different width in a room with five different paint colours ... we have light sky blue on the ceiling and around the door and window niches, we have a turquoise blue for the stripes, we have white for the stucco, deep apricot on the ceiling and very pale apricot for the walls.ο»Ώ

For explanation, this room is the side entrance and we will need it also for storage. We will need cupboards and shelves. The flooring is not decided yet. Stone or terra cotta will be more practical then wood. Not sure, if at the end, everything together will look a bit too wild.

However, nice experiment. Vertical stripes are approved!