The First and the Last

Although, the weather this April was not very gentle with us, we enjoyed the sweet, delicious and refreshing temptations of Italian gelatiere often enough.

My first strawberry granita of the season:

A granita is a semi frozen Italian dessert of sugar, water, and flavorings. My favorite flavours are forest berries and lemon flavour. During the almond harvest an almond granita is very nice too. Originally from Sicily, they are also very popular in Calabria. According to a legend, granita was accidentally invented by a sherbet seller who left her ingredients on ice too long.

My last tartufo in April:ο»Ώ

It is said, that the famous tartufo di Pizzo was invented to honor the visit of Italian Prince Umberto I of Savoy in 1943. All gelaterias in Pizzo, there are at least 20 something, offer the famous tartuffo nero ice cream desert. It consists of half hazelnut and half chocolate ice cream with a heart of melted dark chocolate, covered with cacao powder. Every single tartufo is handmade. And very gelateria has its one recipe. So, if you ask a Pizzitani, who is making the best tartufo ice, you will hear lots of different opinions.

Since Belvedere was closed on Tuesday, our last day, we went to Ercole. I must say, I like their tartuffo very much! There is a lot of yummy melted chocolate inside. I almost forgot to take a picture, that's why you only see the remaining half.

Bye Bye Italia for now - we will be back soon!