A Moment of Total Happiness

I was sitting on my balcony in the warm morning sun. Already happy, since the weather forecast had falsely predicted another rainy day.

I had put my feet up on the blue railing, holding a mug of hot caffe latte in my hands and was watching the sea.

There was no wind and the sea was calm. It was a peaceful morning and I enjoyed the sunshine. Everything was perfect. Nothing was missing.

And then I saw them. Two dolphins, swimming side by side. They were not jumping - just coming above the surface so that I could see them before diving back into the sea. Slowly, peacefully, almost lazy, coming up and going down again. I saw their backs and fins. It was so beautiful, so perfect. Just in front of me, about 100-150m from the shore.

I had tears in my eyes, so overwhelming was this moment.

I was alone, I had no one to share this moment. My husband had gone jogging and my son was still sleeping. The guest had left already. I called my son out of bed and a couple of minutes later he appeared sleep drunken on the balcony blinking into the morning sun, but the two dolphins were gone.

I felt absolutely happy, excited and thankful for this precious moment.